Our Story

A Toast to Tradition and Health. We’re on a mission to delight eaters with unbelievable plant-based food inspired by cuisines around the world and made with the finest and freshest ingredients possible.

It all began with our own travels around the world, during which we experienced countries and became part of communities through the lens of food. And it’s grown into a need to share these flavors and traditions with you.

What We’re About.

Chef-Driven Flavor. We’re about fun. We don’t hold back when it comes to flavors, colors and textures. Moroccan spices? Bright pink beets? Crunchy kale and carrots? Yes, yes and yes.

We’re about bringing people together. Our products have a story to tell, one of local pride and world appreciation. But most importantly, we hope they provide a great setting for you to share your own stories with friends and family.


Dara Schwartz Darista Dips
Dara Schwartz

She’s eaten her weight in pastéis de nata in Portugal, made friends over sweet sticky rice in Thailand and learned firsthand the art of paella in Spain. Schwartz has always loved exploring the world’s cultures by taste bud. She realized early on that food has the unique ability to bring people together. And from her delicious journeys, Darista Dips was born.

Pre-Dips, Schwartz lived and breathed the “agency world,” most recently as a Creative Director at a top ten ad agency. In 2010, she decided it was time to trade in her design books for cookbooks and followed her heart into the kitchen—bringing with her more than 12 years of marketing and branding experience.

Today, she’s cooking her heart out and making snack time a lot more exciting (and healthier) with her veggie-centric inventive line of Darista Dips. She’s driven to flex flavor personality and push flavor profiles through honest and nutrient-dense, wholesome cooking.