2019: The Year of the Chickpea • We’re on a mission to convince Columbus that hummus can be the centerpiece to every dish, by delighting eaters with unbelievably delicious food inspired by Dara’s world travels. Darista: A Modern Israeli Hummusiya is Dara’s modern twist on a traditional Israeli hummus bar.


Our creamy, dreamy Jerusalem-style hummus will serve as the foundation for each plate, and from there we’ll build bold layers of world flavor with ingredients ranging from bright roasted veggies to protein-packed herby falafel, giving each plate (and palate) a unique ethnic experience. Dishes will be finished with a fun twist on Israeli tabouli salad or another salatim (side salad), and served with fresh pita bread dusted in za’atar and side pickles.

Tahini will play a central role on our dessert menu! You’ll find red velvet beet cupcakes iced in tahini-maple buttercream, tahini chocolate chip cookies with sea salt, and tahini shakes with halva crumbles, all “baked with a ta-heeny bit of love!”

As a form of self-discovery and expression for Dara, the restaurant will be a tribute to Schwartz’s great grandfather, Ely, who brought his family to the U.S. from Russia during anti-Semitic times and opened a Jewish delicatessen and grocer in Chicago.