Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Hummus

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Sweet Po-thai-to

Silky and deliciously complex with roasted sweet potatoes and coconut milk, and fragrant notes of basil, lemongrass and ginger.

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Taking a dip of this sweet coconut curry creation is like slurping a bowl of Thailand’s famous Tom-kha Soup—silky, aromatic and satisfying. Reimagined with roasted sweet potatoes, it’s deliciously complex from the fragrant notes of basil, lemongrass and ginger to the bold burst of cayenne.

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2 reviews for Sweet Potato Coconut Curry Hummus

  1. Karen Williams

    This is the BEST hummus I have ever tasted. From the texture to the color and all the flavors with a little kick at the very end. Served with baby pita and veggies. Also, I put this on the table instead of butter! Cannot get enough of this. You should make it in pint size! Cannot wait to try the rest of the flavors.

  2. Brandibayy

    This hummus is the most delicious tasting thing I have ever put in my mouth. I dipped mini naan flatbread in it and was amazing by the combination of tasty, soft flatbread and this sweet potato, authentic coconut curry, flurry of incredible flavor. My only complaint is that the quantity is so small because I could have eaten an entire 500 lb drum of it in one sitting. Lol Have I gotten my point across? If you like hummus and love Thai coconut curry with undertones of sweet potato, whipped into the creamiest of consistencies, this product will not disappoint. This hummus is unique and highly addictive.

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